Thursday, February 28, 2013

No 40k this week! New X-wing models just arrived.

     I got to the game shop yesterday and had to wait for my opponent to arrive.  While I was waiting, I found that the new expansion for X-wing had come out (finally.)  I took this time to purchase one of the new A-wings and check out the rules for it.  When my opponent showed up and saw the new model, he went straight over and bought 2 A-wings, a Tie Interceptor, and the Slave One.  Then he asked, jokingly at first, if I would rather play X-wing.  But I was all about it!!!  He got the rest of his models from the car.  Unfortunately, I had left all mine at home.

     We played a coulple of 100 point games.  I was Rebel and he played Imperial.  Our armies were something like this:

     X-wing: rookie pilot
     X-wing: Luke Skywalker, R2-D2
     Y-wing: Salm, (upgrade that lets you change focus results to 1 critical and the rest hits)
     A-wing: green squadron pilot

     Tie Fighter: academy pilot
     Tie Fighter:
     Tie Interceptor: (pilot that can boost after attacking), stealth
     Firespray: bomb

     The first game involved both of us being really bad at planning our maneuvers.  I think there was one round where every single ship didn't get an action due to flying into an asteroid or another ship.  He had the worst luck with his Interceptor; landing on an asteroid, turning too sharply the next turn and not making it off, then having a ship in the way on his next turn.  I think it lost 4 rounds of shooting in a row, but fortunately only took 1 damage from the asteroid.  I ended up winning the first game pretty solidly, having only lost my rookie pilot.

     The second game started with both of us running into our own ships again!  We got some first turn shooting and he turned the tables by taking out my rookie very early.  This was definitely the most fun game of X-wing I've ever played.  There were plenty of small dogfights that would turn back into another, sometimes with everyone having multiple targets to choose from.  I focused primarily on his Interceptor.  That guy getting to boost after an attack was beginning to scare me.  The game was back and forth the whole time, and I didn't think I had a chance.  I did like the boost action on the A-wing.  It helped supplement its relatively low firepower by getting within range 1 for the extra attack die.  Also, it is the preferred ship for staying behind an enemy, using the boost to match his maneuvers.  In the end, it was down to just his Firespray against Luke, after a sharp turn by the Firespray helped take out my A-wing.  He kept on turning hard and, being able to shoot in his rear fire arc, he kept on taking down my shields.  I eventually had to do green maneuvers 2 turns in a row so R2 could bring both of my shields back online.  I got lucky (translate: MAD SKILLS) and turned right into him, ending up at range 1.  I decided to Focus for my action instead of using Target Lock, mostly because I did not know if I could take him out, and he has some firepower, too.  The dice gods must have been happy with me, because I rolled 1 hit and 3 FOCUS!!!!!  There was no way to evade all the shots, and he did a crash and burn.

    Overall, I had a blast.  New ships are powerful, but don't break the game at all.  I think the large size of the Firespray does make it harder to handle.  Otherwise, their real difference is in the number of shield and hull points they have.  4 shields, 6 HP and some cool weapons make it a strong.  But once I had it down to just 2HP, I felt much stronger with the X-wing (with Luke as the pilot).

     I am going to try to get one of each ship, hopefully tonight.  Brandon said the store will not get any more copies for a while once they sell out.  I'll let you know how the Millenium Falcon handles next time!!!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

1500pt "Friendly" list vs. Tyranids

     This Saturday, I played my friend Andy and his 1500 point list for the upcoming Adepticon Friendly tournament.  He was wanting to try out his list to get used to how it plays.  I didn't make a specific list for this game, I just took 500 points out of my 2000pt list.  So I didn't exactly have a list that I'd call friendly.  Here is what I ran:

Sammael: Corvex (jetbike)
RW Command Squad: Apothecary, Champion, Standard of Devastation, 

Troops:  RWAS=Ravenwing Attack Squadron x6
RWAS: Melta Gun x2, Landspeeder Typhoon w/ HB
RWAS: Melta Gun x2, Landspeeder Typhoon w/ HB
RWAS: Plasma Gun x2, Combi-Plasma
RWAS: Plasma Gun x2

Black Knights: Power Weapon

There is definitely something else I took out to get down to 1500, but I don't remember what.
Here is what he ran, as far as I can remember:

Parasite of Mortrex

Genestealers x20: Broodlord w/ Biomancy (Iron Arm)
Tervigon: Toxin Sacs, Catalyst
Devilgaunts x12: Termagants w/ Devourers, Spore Pod

Gargoyles x20:
Raveners x5: Rending Claws, Devourers
Raveners x5: Rending Claws, Devourers

Zoanthrope x2:

We rolled Big Guns mission with diagonal deployment. There are 4 objectives: one in the chaos shrine, 2 in the large area terrain ruins, and the last in the rounded little ruin directly to the right of my big blob.  He won the roll-off and decided to go first. He deployed both Raveners and the Gargoyles w/ Parasite in the front.  The  Tervigon went just behind with the Zoanthropes and Venomthrope nearby. Genestealers took the left side. 
     My deployment revolved around keeping all of my units within 6" of the Banner.  I decided not to split them up into combat squads to help with this.  The Landspeeders deployed behind the big blob and my Black Knights went on the left flank, as they do not benefit from the banner.

     For my scout move, I simply moved every RWAS unit forward about an inch or two.  This was just in case I could Seize the Initiative, I would have all my units within 24".  The Black Knights went a full 12" down the length length of the long edge.  I was hoping to get around the Genestealers to flank the Tervigon, or at least distract them.  Here is the board at the beginning of the game:

     Top of turn 1:  Andy moved both Raveners, the Gargoyles, and the genestealers forward as fast as they could go.  The Tervigon made 9-10 babies, who moved out for the objective on the Chaos shrine.  The center Raveners went straight at my Black Knights.  I knew this would hurt, as they were only about 6" away.  They then shot but I made all my saves.  The other Raveners, Gargoyles, and both Zoanthropes shot at the main blob, killing one or two bikers, including my combi-plasma sergeant.  When the Raveners declared a charge at my Black Knights, they hit 3 times on Overwatch (gotta love twin-linked plasma) and killed 1 model.  This put his nearest model 8 inches away and he rolled 7" for the charge!  Unforunately, he reminded me that they are fleet and get to re-roll that 2.  He made the charge, hit and wounded with a bunch, but only got one rending!  I made all but 1 save, losing 2 bikers total.  I did 2 wounds back and did a Hit n' Run outta there.....

     Bottom of 1:  Let me begin by saying again, "This is NOT a friendly list!!!"  I didn't move anything.  One landspeeder took out 2 of the 4 remaining Raveners with insta-kill missles, then the Black Knights hit them with plasma, leaving 1 model w/ 1 wound, who would run away.  Then, all 4 RWAS squads opened up with their Salvo 2/4 weapons.  I took out about 13 Gargoyles, 10 Genestealers w/ Broodlord, and a couple of Raveners from the right.  I LOVE THE STANDARD OF DEVASTATION!!!  Then, the other Landspeeder finished the Raveners off.  Nothing was in charge range, next turn....

     Top of 2:  His Devilgaunts arrive and plop down immediately in front of my blob.  Suicide, but useful if he wants to get the rest of his units into combat.  Mama Tervigon spit out 15 babies (with no doubles again!) who promptly move out toward the Chaos shrine objective.  Genestealers moved up to the ruins for some cover.  The rest of the Gargoyle with the Parasite moved forward into charge range and got a couple of shots off.  Both Zoanthropes tried to hit the command squad; one dead-on and the other scattered into another squad.  That was by far his most effective shooting all day.  Overall, I lost a few guys from a few squads.  Then the Gargoyles and Devilgaunts charged, I actually lost combat to the Parasite and Gargoyles, but nothing too exciting.  I passed both Hit n Run tests, ready for payback!!!

     Bottom of 2:  My Black Knights moved around the ruins, eyeing the Tervigon.  My 2 remaining Bikes on the right moved past the Gargoyles trying to get to the nearest zoanthrope.  A plasma squad on the left moved over to get some shots off at the Tervigon as well.  Shooting saw some more dead Gargoyles, and Devilgaunts got shot up with no cover as well.  I believe this was the turn that the Genestealers got wiped, but it maybe was turn 3?  Five plasma shots saw the Tervigon lose 2 wounds.  The advancing bike squad took a wound from the Zoanthrope and then the rearmost bike squad took it out, leaving the advancing squad no one to charge, this might hurt....  I charged the Parasite and Gargoyles with the command squad, losing my champion but ultimately wiping them out.  The 2 remaining Devilgaunts got killed in combat as well. 

     Top of 3:  Andy's army had lost well over half its original models, but he kept pumping out those babies!!!  I think he got 9 or 10 more, with no doubles again.  That baby mama has GOT to go.  Not to mention, she regenerated on of the missing wounds.  The unit of 15 Termagants born last turn moved in on my advancing 2 bikers and the Tervigon ran for the objective in the cover of the ruins.  His remaining Zoanthrope Killed another bike or two.  The Devilgaunts cut my advancing bikers squad in half, and charged in.  With 30 attacks, they only managed a couple of wounds, which were all saved!  I couldn't help but feel bad for Andy at this point, the dice were not on his side.  I made my Hit n Run, and moved past them toward the Chaos shrine objective. 

     Bottom of 3:  I moved more plasma bikes toward the Tervigon.  Shot it and did a couple more wounds.  The Landspeeders both shot the Tervigon, but were rolling snake-eyes like crazy!  Killed a gaunt on the shrine and charged, but tied combat.  Command squad shot at the Zoanthrope, but couldn't manage a wound.  He held steady this turn.

     Top of 4:  MORE BABIES and still no doubles AND it regenerated another wound.  That thing is dying if it takes my whole army.  Devilgaunts shot up some more bikes trying to claim the objective.  The Zoanthrope killed half the plasma squad that just shot the Tervigon.  The Tervigon shot at the Black Knights, killing the Sergeant then charging them and taking them out.  I tied combat with the gaunts, but FAILED my Hit n Run test, yuck!

     Bottom of 4:  Finally remembering what the Ravenwing Grenade Launcher does, I moved the command squad at the Tervigon.  The full melta squad got within 12" of it, too.  I hit the Tervigon with the Rad Grenade, dropping its toughness by 1.  Then I let fly with Missles, Heavy Bolters and Melta, Killing the Tervigon.  When I looked up, Andy was holding out his hand and saying "Good Game."  That Tervigon was holding everything together, so with it gone, I would not have a problem mopping up gaunts with massed bolter fire.  I think Andy did awesome, given it was his friendly list and my list was definitely the Rock to his Scissors. 

     Summary:  Overall, I think this matchup was not really balanced.  My list had an answer to all his weapons, whether it be a Jink save against the Zoanthropes or the Standard of Devastation to his Armour 5 or worse horde.  I do feel I have been learning more about the movement of a bike army, how to get close enough to do some damage while staying out of their range (AFTER moving my Black Knights too close on the scout move, of course.)  I like this list, but I still am looking for that perfect balance of Bikes-to-Speeders-to-Attack Bikes.  I am going to stick with the Command Squad until everyone figures out it is priority #1.  I'm just glad that I finally have a codex that makes bikes playable and fun, and now winnable....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Battle Report: Raven Scars vs Khorne

     This week I missed our Thursday night league (stupid made-up holidays) but I have vowed to get in at least 1 game per week this year.  So Saturday I headed up to Fantasy Books and Games and, luckily, found someone to play.  I played against Alec and his Khorne-based Chaos Space Marine army.  I was excited to try out the Ravenwing army list that I had come up with.  I wanted to see if this Standard of Devastation was as powerful (or over-powered) as some people were saying.  Here is my list:

Sammael: Corvex (jetbike)
Librarian: SM Bike, Level 2 Psycher, Power Field Generator
RW Command Squad: Apothecary, Champion, Standard of Devastation,

Troops:  RWAS=Ravenwing Attack Squadron x6
RWAS: Melta Gun x2, Attack Bike w/ MM
RWAS: Melta Gun x2, Attack Bike w/ MM
RWAS: Plasma Gun x2, Landspeeder Typhoon w/ HB
RWAS: Plasma Gun x2, Landspeeder Typhoon w/ HB
RWAS: Combi-Plasma, Plasma Gun x2

Black Knights: Power Weapon

    His list was essentially one of a few armies that are the bane of my list.  Those Helldrakes just wreck my bikes, ignoring their armour saves AND thier jink saves.  This is essentially what he was running:

Kharn the Betrayer:
Chaos Lord: Burning Brand of Skalathrax

Khorne Berzerkers x8: Plasma Pistol
Khorne Berzerkers x8: Rhino (upgrades?)
Khorne Berzerkers x8: Rhino (upgrades?)

Chaos Terminators x8: (upgrades?)

Helldrake: Baleflamer


     I realize that this list only comes out to about 1800 points.  I didn't get his list yet, but I'm sure that there are some upgrades on those big units.  I didn't really get a chance to find out, as you will see.....

     For the mission type, we rolled Purge the Alien with Dawn of War deployment.  This is probably the worst mission for my army, as all my attack bikes and Landspeeders are separate units that are easy kill points.  He won the roll-off and chose to go first.  His deployment consisted of one Rhino with the Lord on my left, one Rhino with the Helbrute on my right, and in the center he had the Landraider full of Berzerkers and Kharn with the Defiler.  In reserves were the Terminators and Heldrake.

     My deployment was:  Command squad with Sammael and Librarian in the center.  A plasma and melta squad to their right with the Attack Bikes, 2 plasma and one melta squads to their left and the Black Knights on the far left flank.  Both of the Landspeeders were on the far right flank.

Start/Turn 1:
    I used my scout move to push everyone 12" forward, taking in cover where I could and making sure that the Attack Bikes were as safe as possible (one of them was out of sight behind some ruins.)  In hindsight, I should have stayed back from the Landraider.  On turn one, he moved everything forward, disembarking the Landraider right at my HQ squad.  Full shooting from the Landraider, Defiler, and Berzerkers only managed to kill a couple RWAS bikes and put 2 wounds on Sammael.  Whew! the Command Squad survived, but had some Raging Berzerkers about to assault.  The Helbrute immobilized one of the Landspeeders but it was still pointing right at some juicy targets for the rest of the game.  I didn't manage to do any wounds for my overwatch and the Berzerkers and Kharn made the 5" charge.  I accepted the challenge from Kharn with Sammael instead of the Librarian due to his higher initiative.  I guess I forgot I could have accepted with the champion as he also had a 4+ save from the Power Field.  Kharn's 7 attacks did roll a 1, killing a Berzerker.  The others all hit (thanks to hatred re-rolls) and 5 wounded with 2 going un-saved and killing Sammael.  He did manage to take a wound from Kharn before going.  The rest of his unit had some poor rolling, even with the re-rolls, and didn't manage to take out any more models.  (That Power Field really paid off there.)  The Librarian and Champion managed to kill a couple of Berzerkers and I actually won combat.  They then rolled a 1, passing the Hit n' Run test and moved back.
     On my turn, I took advantage of the exposed Chaos scum and unloaded many plasma and melta shots at them, killing all of the unit AND Kharn!  The Standard of Devastation was was pretty useful there, too, allowing the other 4 bikes in each squad to roll 16 shots, twin-linked.  The Libby tried to use Puppet Master on the Defiler, but Alec passed his Deny the Witch roll.  One of the Attack bikes snuck up behind the Landraider and got in a shot at half-range.  The shot penetrated and I rolled a 4(+2) and blew it up.  I still had two plasma squads on the left so with one, I took some shots at the Defiler with little effect.  The other unit and the Black Knights shot at the Rhino and brought it down to 1HP.  On my right, the Attack bike, melta squad, plasma squad and Landspeeders managed to just barely destroy the Rhino, and I think I got 1 HP off the Helbrute.  I was hoping the meltas would have popped it so my plasma could tear up the occupants, but alas, no good.

Turn 2:
     Retribution was swift.  The Heldrake and the Termies both came in from reserve.  That Baleflamer killed 4 from one plasma squad and 1 from another.  The left Rhino squad had the Burning Brand which also is AP3 Torrent.  They took out 4 of the 5 Black Knights, one of which was the Huntmaster.  The Defiler managed another hit, but my jink saves helped out.  Jink also saved the other Landspeeder from a PEN.  Berzerkers on the right actually ran AWAY from me, unable to assault since they had just disembarked from the destroyed rhino.  The Termies deep struck behind my forces on the right and shot down one or two bikes.  He played it safe on his location and wasn't close enough to do too much harm.  I was loving that he arrived inbetween so many AP1&2 weapons!  All my units made their leadership tests and no one could assault me.
     My shooting took out his last Rhino on the right, and then I shot up the disembarking squad with plasma.  They were left with 2 Berzerkers and the Chaos Lord.  This turn, Puppet Master got thru and I shot his Defiler's Battle Cannon at the recently disembarked Berzerkers on my right, taking down 4 models.  I then moved the command squad, melta squad, and 3 plasma squads into double tap range of the Terminators.  When the dust cleared (dust made out of Chaos Terminator particles), the whole unit was wiped out!  I got another Berzerker on the right with one Landspeeder and another HP off the Helbrute with the other.  Stupidly, I tried to charge the remaining Black Knight into the Chaos lord, who killed him with the Burning Brand before he could even make his assault move, DAMN AP3 TEMPLATES!!!!!  At this point, the only infanty he had left was one Lord, a unit of 2 Berzerkers, and a unit of 3 Berzerkers.  I really wish this would have been an objective mission....

Turn 3:
     Well, the Helldrake did some Marine-rape again, taking out the command squad, a plasma gunner, a melta gunner, and a couple other bikes.  The Defiler missed with his Battle Cannon.  My Librarian went down to some plasma pistol shots and then subsequent assault from the Lord.  I would love a higher initiative on that guy. 
     I went with everything I had at the Heldrake.  I believe it was 5 plasma guns and a melta, all at rear armour.  I think I managed 3 HITS!!! but he made EVERY SINGLE 5+ SAVE!!!!  There were 2 other glancing hits in the previous turn that he saved, too.  That thing is impossible to kill when he's rolling like that, oh well.  At this point, I had to leave to go to work.  I was up 6 to 3 kill points, due to so many of my units still having 1 or 2 models left.  I think there were 5 or 6 of my units that were single models (including the speeders).  We kinda called it a draw, as I know he could have taken out several units pretty quickly with that Heldrake so it's not like I would have held the lead without some bad luck on his part. 

     Overall, I really liked the performance of this list.  The amount of high strength, low AP shots that I can move into range at once is outstanding.  Let's count:  30 Plasma Gun shots, 1 Plasma Cannon, 4 Melta Gun shots, 2 Multi-Melta shots, and 4 Missle Launcher shots!  Then, add in the possibility of making all those bolters Salvo 2/4 and I don't know too many units that could survive.  I had bad luck popping those Rhinos.  I had to waste bolter shots to get further special weapons to destroy them.  I guess it evens out since that Landraider went down to one shot...  As expected, the Heldrake raped face and I actually managed 5 glance/pens in just 2 turns of shooting.  On average, that would have taken it down.  The ability of this army to swarm onto one target and overwhelm it was crutial to me taking out Kharn's unit and especially the Terminator squad, who got wiped out before they could do any harm. 

     Right now, I am trying to balance the Landspeeder to Attack Bike ratio.  I would love one more of each, but that will mean losing a bike squad.  And I bought a Darkshroud, but I don't know if I have the points anywhere for that.  Of course, without the AP3 templates, it is well worth the points so maybe I should give it a try.  Also, I didn't have any Grenade Launchers modeled and I forgot to put them in the list.  I think I will put one in both the command squad and the BK squad.  Let me know if you have any suggestions, I will try anything once!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Putting Plasma Talons on my Space Marine Bikes

     With the release of the new Dark Angels codex, I am excited to try out the Ravenwing rules for my White Scars Bikes.  I have over 80 bikes built, half are fully painted (not up to my current abilities, however) and the other half are base-coated with the tires and engine/exhaust painted black.  Needless to say, I do not wish to purchase any more bikes just to get the plasma talons.  I went to they Bay-of-E and found some.  I also picked up some of the Corvus Hammers which I will use to make some Black Knights.  These guns are for my Command Squad, though. 

     When I got the bits in, I noticed that they are definitely not made to fit on the standard SM bike.  They arent long enough to reach all the way back to the handle bars like the twin-linked bolters do.  Also, there is this ammo can that sticks down and gets in the way.  Essentially there is not enough surface area to glue them on securely.  So here is my method for converting these to work on the regular SM bike.  First I started withe the plasma talon bits as seen here.

     You can see the ammo canisters that hang down.  These stick out on the DA bikes, but they are simply in the way for the standard bike fairing.  The angled bottom is what we be using to mount to the bike so we need to get these small bits out of the way.  I simply took a sharp blade and cut them as close to the gun as I could get.  Don't use a clipper as it will not leave a flat surface.  We will be using these bits later so don't lose them.  The guns should look like this:

     Next, I had to shave off the Dark Angels Icons that are on the guns.  I wish I had put the shaved side of the guns pointing inwards because the seams of the gun are messed up from where the icons were.  You can see in the next pic that the inward side of the far gun looks better.....

     For the next step, I made sure that the front side of the handle bars and the upper part of the wheel forks were free of glue or paint.  I also had to shave off the small tab that sticks off the back side of the guns.  Then, I put glue on the angled bottom/rear part of the gun and stuck it in the space in the bike fairing.  It fits nice and tight and only needs a little bit of help to get it perfectly straight. 

     Finally, the ammo canisters that I cut off got glued onto the back of the guns.  I did this, mainly, to cover up the flat blank surface that is left.  Also, it fills in the large space that is normally filled by the twin bolters.  I will put up some pics as soon as I get these guys painted, too.

     I have also ordered 2 packs of plasma gun bits from my FLGS.  These run $10 for 5 guns.  I will put up another post showing the converstion of these into plasma talons for my Black Knight unit.  You can then compare and decide which is easier, better looking, and cheaper. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday Apocalypse

     This Sunday we had our tri-annual (is that even a word?) Apocalypse Game.  These come up in Feb, June/July and Oct which is around the time of most of our gamer-friends' birthdays.  This one in particular is dedicated to Brandon's Bday.  We all pitched in and got him some models from Forgeworld.  There were 30 space marines in Mark III armour along with a command upgrade with World Eaters shoulder pads and transfer sheet.  We are all looking forward to seeing these baddies painted up along side his primarch. 

     Now, for the game:  It was a 17,500 point per side, Tyranid versus Imperium battle.  There were 7 players per side so we got to have 2,500 points per person.  The setup was a little different from the normal Apoc rules.  The board was 12' x 6'.  First to set up were the two players who had a Fortress of Redemption and a Defense Line, Brandon G. and Paul.  They put these on opposite long table edges and put some units next to them for defense.  The Fortress was full of Dark Angels and the Defense Line was manned by a large platoon of Death Korps of Krieg along with 3 barrage tanks (names?) 

     For the tyranid setup, there was a totally new setup.  We got a notepad and listed every unit we had and numbered them.  Then we cut up small squares of paper with the numbers 1-100 on them and placed these numbers on the board.  These represented some type of radar blip on the Auspexes of the Imperial forces.  If a unit moved within (their initiative value) of inches, the blip was revealed to be either a blank entry, or the unit that matched the number was deployed.  Also, if any blast weapons were shot at a unit, it would scare them out and they were deployed on top of the number marker.  Robbie's Heirophant Bio-Titan was also deployed from the beginning as it was too big to be hiding. 

I don't know if the Tyranid players had a goal, but the objective for the Imperium was to Kill all of the Synapse Creatures.  I had 6 units, only the Tyranid Prime and 2 Warriors were alive at the end.

     There were obviously too many armies to keep track of, so I will post my list.

Subterranean Assault: (in reserve)
     Trygon Prime
     3x Raveners w/ Rending Claws
     3x Raveners w/ Rending Claws
Hive Tyrant: Wings, 2x t.l. Devourers, Biomancy Powers 3 & 5
Tervigon: Catalyst, Toxin Sacs
Trygon Prime
Tyranid Prime: Lash Whip & Bone Sword, Deathspitter
6x Tyranid Warriors: Deathspitters, Venom Cannon
24x Hormagaunts w/ Toxin Sacs
30x Termagants (just realized I only deployed 20 of these, nuts)
20x Genestealers: Broodlord, Biomancy Powers 4 & 5  (in reserve)
6x Hive Guard

     My deployment was somewhat scattered.  We had the Spore Chimneys Strategem which give Night Fighting rules to anything shooting within 12" of them.  I deployed my Trygon and Tervigon near two of the chimneys.  The termagants went near the Tervigon to benefit from the Toxing sacs.  Three of the Hive guard were in a trench near the Trygon.  The Tyrant went across the board in some ruins next to the Hormagaunts.  The Tyranid Prime deployed in the trench in the center with the Warrior brood to give them some T5 Wounds to protect from inst-kills and boost their BS.  The last 3 hive guard when in the center trenches closer to the far board edge, near the Fortress. 

     Rather than give a full battle report, I just wanna get down what my units did.  Hopefully, once I talk to everyone again and combine info with the XenoFTW blog, a more complete picture will be painted. 

     My Prime and Hormies ran out of the rubble to target a unit of Chad's Salamander Sternguard who had just Drop Podded nearby.  The Tyrand swooped behind the unit and fired both devourers, killing two including the powerfisted sergeant.  However, the Hormies lost 3 models to an overwatch that included a heavy flamer.  This resulted in being about 1/2" short of the charge range, BLAST!!!

They were hit by no less than 7 heavy flamers in the following shooting phase and wiped off the planet.  The Tyrant was targeted by 2 Vulture gunships who came in right behind him.  The number of wounds from Lascannon fire caused him to evade to get his Jink save.  He ended up taking 2 wounds but passed his grounding test, which prevented anyone else from wanting to target him.  In his next shooting phase, he used the psychic power that is 2 Str4 AP2 shots to kill a Salamander from the second drop pod that landed near the first.  This kill allowed him to regain a wound.  I was surprised that he his as he could only Snap Shot due to evading the lascannons.  I believe he only took 1 wound in the next shooting phase from the Vultures but was killed by one of the new Dark Angels' Nephilim Fighters fielded by Brandon G.  He didn't kill a whole lot, but made enough saves and soaked up some heavy firepower. 


 The Tervigon pooped out 14 babies on turn one, but rolled a double to get there, NUTS!  The new unit, the old unit and their Mama headed toward the Defense line to be a nuissance.  First attempt at Catalyst resulted in BOX CARS, losing a wound to perils of the warp.  He stayed near the Spore Chimney which helped tremendously.  First shooting phase saw a few Death Korps live up to their names and die to termagant and tervigon shooting.  On the following Imperial shooting phase, Ben had 5 VINDICATORS come in on the board edge near the Tervigon.  They fired the 10" blast right on top of the big mama.  He hit 5 and 8 gaunts in the new and old squad along with their mama.  I made 4 6+ saves on the old squad and on the tervigon!!!!!  This was a foreshadowing of the awesome cover saves I would be making all day.  Almost the exact same thing happened in the next shooting phase and more gaunts died, but the mama made that 6+ again!  These units all ended up eventually charging Andy W's two man unit of Space Wolves Cavalry with all the bells and whistles, helped by a Trygon.  The tervigon giving the poison attacks helped kill one model, but they all ended up dying to either close combat or shooting in the case of the mama.  Man I hate those 2+/3++ saves!

     The Subterranean Assault was my favorite thing in the whole game.  They came in on turn 2 right in front of the 5 Vindicators.  I got some looks from the other players when I did this, but I knew what the outcome would be.  The formation lets the Raveners deepstrike within 6" of the Trygon without scatter, and then get to charge on the turn they arrive.  The two units charged separate vindicators, killing one and taking a hull point from another.  I would have done better, but when rolling to-hit with a squad, I accidentally re-rolled the 2's as if they had 2 pair of talons instead of the Rending Claws.  This resulted in only a glancing hit.  The trygon was charged by the Space Wolf Calvary and did a couple of wounds before dying in the last round.  I wish I would have done the smash attack or whatever doubles your strength, that T5 is not too fun, even at Str6.  Both unit of Raveners moved into the Space wolf combat by the end, once all the Vindicators were dead.  I don't know if that lord ever did die, but he was close at the least.....

     The Trygon who deployed on the table enjoyed the cover saves from the spore chimney the first turn it was shot at.  I believe I made 2 out of 3 of the 6+ saves.  Then he charged into some of the Vindicators and killed 1 in each of 2 rounds.  He was then the target of shooting by 5 Dreads for 2 turns.  The Vindicators (dead or alive) were all the cover he needed to get a 5+ cover save.  This, combined with the worst rolling I have ever seen 2 people do, failed to put a wound on him until they reached him in Melee by crawling over destroyed Vindicators.  He eventually died to a Dread but not before taking out the first one to reach him. 

     The first set of 3 Hive guard shot at any vehicle they could reach, but lost 2 in the second turn.  The last bug kept pulling hull points off of other tanks.  The other set of Hive guard managed to kill a Storm Talon, owned by Bill and his Crimson fists.  I actually had one die roll a 6 to hit (snap shot), a 6 to penetrate, and a 6 resulting in an explosion.  I was expecting a 6" explosion, but I'll still take it. These guys also killed 2 landspeeders and took a point off Brandon A's Thunderhawk. 

     My Warriors with Prime got off one round of shooting, I believe at more Space Wolf cavalry, one of whom had the Legion Relic strategem.  I believe I did 8 wounds, but he only failed 1 save.  They were promptly assaulted by some Salamander Dread and caught up in close combat for the rest of the game.  At the time, it seemed that they were getting tar-pitted by the Dread.  I guess in hindsight, they were doing the tar-pitting, keeping the Dread from moving on and killing other guys.   

     Last, the genestealers came out of a tunnel near the front right of the board, on turn 3.  They charged a couple of dirty Death Korps tanks and blew up both, killing 10 of them in the process.  Whoops!!!!  They then took more love from some heavy flamers.  They were almost to their next combat when the game ended.
Pic 1: Tyrant and Hormies are hiding in these ruins.

Pic 2: Different angle.  Warriors are in the long trench.

Pic 3: Different angle, again.

Pic 4:  The Monsters come out on turn 1! 
(3 hive guard are in the trenches behind the spore chimney.)