Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kill Team: optional rules

These are some of the relevant rules from the Heralds of Ruin website that I think would add to our games of Kill Team.  I’m looking for a vote on each individual rule (yes/no) and if you have a reason for/against it. 

For the first set, my goal is not to add complexity, but to deal with some rules that wouldn’t apply, since there are no longer “Units” in Kill Team.

1.       A Team Leader may choose the closest friendly model within 6” to take a hit during Look Out, Sir – not just within his own unit.

2.       Psychic Powers that target a ‘unit’ affect models within 3” of the target model. Powers that specifically target a single model still only target one model.
a.        Any Wounds caused by Psychic Powers are taken from the target model, then the closest model to the target.

3.       Any model must immediately take a Pinning test if any friendly model within 3” is killed by a Pinning weapon during the Shooting phase (unless he is immune to Pinning tests).(this could also apply to: Blind, Concussive, Soul Blaze?)

4.       If a weapon has more than one shot (such as a heavy bolter), the owning player may decide to use Suppressing Fire. If he does so, the model reduces his BS by 1 during this phase (to a minimum of 2?). Allocate shots before rolling to hit.  At least one must target the primary target; any remaining shots may be worked out against any secondary targets. Roll to hit as normal.  (a model with Split Fire special can do this without the penalty?)

The Assault phase is where a lot of Kill Team’s changes come into effect. To compliment all these changes, a new ‘order of operations’ for the Charge sub-phase has been created:

5.        Order of Assault:
1. Choose an enemy model; declare ALL charges against that model.
2. Resolve Overwatch fire
3. Roll individual charge ranges for all chargers and move models.
                4. Go back to Step 1 until all enemy models you want to charge, have been charged.

6.       If a model wants to charge, but cannot because his target from the Shooting phase is already dead, he may wish to ‘redirect’ his charge. To do this, choose a new target within 3” of the location where his original target has died – the charger may now charge that model as normal. (Ld test?)

7.       Models may declare charges against enemy models already engaged in combat, even if they cannot physically be placed in base contact due to friendly models (i.e. there is no room). If you choose to do this, still measure from the enemy model’s base for charge distance – if you are in range, move the charger as close as possible to the enemy. If you cannot place the charger in to base contact with a friendly model in base contact with an enemy, the charge fails.

8.       As soon as a model is able to fire Overwatch, any model from the same team within 3" of it may choose to immediately also fire Overwatch as well. All wounds caused by Overwatch are assigned to the closest model (then the next if he is killed, and so on) of those charging the original Overwatching model. Any single model may only fire Overwatch once per phase.

The following changes are just a neat idea, but totally up to the groups preference:

9.       To represent a more cinematic style of play, Kill Team replaces the rules for Difficult Terrain, as well as Area Terrain.  Instead of rolling for Difficult Terrain, models that move through it count as moving double the distance (rounding up to the nearest inch) - so moving 3” would count as moving 6”. Run moves are now also affected by Difficult Terrain. A model with the Move Through Cover special rule is not affected by this ‘doubling’ and may always move its full movement across Difficult Terrain. This new rule replaces the rule for charging through difficult terrain – i.e. you roll 2d6 charge distance as normal but must take into account the double distance for any Difficult Terrain you cross.
a.        Sometimes a model’s move will be split, partly over open terrain and partly over Difficult Terrain. In this case, the model moves normally over open terrain and only the distance over Difficult Terrain is doubled. For example, a model moves 2” over a marsh (doubled to 4”) leaving 2” of the 6” move for further movement. Always round any remaining fractions of movement up to the next inch.

10.    Ignore the cover rules for area terrain. Instead, work out cover on a model-by-model basis using the true line of sight and 25% obscured rules. Area terrain is still classed as Difficult Terrain.

11.    Instead of using the normal rules where models can move freely through walls and similarly solid obstacles, look at the terrain on your battlefield. If it’s a wall, you can't move through it. If it’s a door, you can (we assume models can open closed doors). Only a model that can physically fit within a space on your board can move through it. Also, a model may ‘vault’ through windows and leap over obstacles that are less than 1" high/wide without affecting their movement.

12.    Sometimes it may be in a model’s best interest to hide! A model can hide if it ends its movement behind an obstacle where it is at least 75% obscured from all enemy models (if in doubt, discuss it with your opponent). The player must declare that the model is hiding during its Movement phase. A model may not hide if it is within 12” of an enemy model.  If any enemy model moves so that the hiding model is no longer at least 75% obscured, or moves within 12”, the model is no longer hidden.  When hidden, a model cannot be directly shot at, charged or targeted by enemy psychic powers. Hiding models can still be ‘accidentally’ hit by Blasts or psychic powers, as long as the hiding model is not directly targeted. While hiding, a model cannot shoot, run, charge or use psychic powers.

13.    When a missile, or similar projectile, veers off target and hits a wall it explodes on impact. To represent this, if a Scatter roll takes a blast marker’s center point into contact with a wall or comparable immovable object, it detonates on contact. Resolve the weapon’s effect from this spot. The portion of the blast that crosses and lies beyond the line of a wall is lost.

14.    All types of grenades have the ‘One Use’ rule. Once a grenade has been used (either in the Shooting or Assault phases) it may not be used again. An easy way of recording this is to cross off the grenade on a model’s roster once it has been used. You may state whether or not you are going to use a grenade in the Assault phase (for example, when charging into terrain with frag grenades).
a.        A model that has the ability to purchase grenades from their options may buy more than one. E.g. Commissars may buy Krak Grenades for 1 pt – if he wishes, he may buy multiple Krak Grenades for 1 pt each. If a model comes with grenades, they may still buy additional grenades at the cost indicated below. Note you may only buy grenades from this list if the model already has that grenade:
·         Frag/Assault Grenade 1 pt
·         Krak Grenade 1 pt
·         Defensive/Photon Grenade 1 pt
·         Plasma Grenade 2 pts
·         EMP/Haywire Grenade 2 pts
·         Melta Bomb 5 pts
b.       We could also allow models without assault grenades to purchase them?  This would help with lists that cannot reach exactly 200 points?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting ready for the big game

This Saturday, we have a huge game of 40k going on.  This is not Apoc, just a 8-man, 3000 point per person battle.  We're doing Chaos vs. Imperium.
I will let you know how it goes afterwards.  For now, here is a pic of my army.  I still need to remove about 100 points, most likely just the chaplain. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

White Scars Standard Bearer Painted

     I got the standard bearer for my Bike Army finished!!!   Essentially the same procedure for converting this guy as I did for the Champion.  I didn't like the banner that comes with the Command Squad box because it looks too static.  It's made to hang straight down, and this guy is driving too fast for that.  So what I did was to take a piece of the brass rod from my pinning set and cut is to length for the cross bar that the flag hangs from.  Then I added glued it in place, and added a HUGE drop of glue where they meet so it would hold as long as possible without breaking off.  I have a better ideas for the actual banner to come.  After that, it was the standard paint job.  Here are the other pics I took.

     I have a sheet of Banners that are printed on canvas.  I'm going to experiment with gluing them in a dynamic pose and then get one on the bike.

     Thanks for checking it out.  The other two dudes are coming along nicely and should be up soon.  My work is shut down for the 3rd shift starting at midnight.  If they call off everyone tomorrow, I'm gonna get them BOTH painted!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

White Scars Champion Painted!!!

     I had a little time over the break.  Between family and parties and friends and a sick wife and getting my face drilled at the dentist, I managed to finish the champion for my command squad.

     Pretty basic conversion using standard biker legs and the bits from the command squad for the top half.  I did have to chop off the bottom of the torso that hangs below the belt so he could fit.  Now the little shrine belt buckle thingy sits right on top of the gas tank.  Other bits I used were from the old metal Scout Bikers including the Shotgun in a holster on the front wheel and the gear on top of the rear wheel.

     The fairing in front of the handle bars is from the White Scars Commander bike, and the Plasma Talons are the actual bits from a Dark Angels Ravenwing Command Squad.  (I showed how I modified them to fit on a standard bike fairing in an earlier post.)  I also have been mounting the antenna/skull thing on the right side of the seat instead of behind it.  I like the lower profile and having it at an angle, too.

     I'm certainly hoping the rest of the squad will be easier to paint since they have fewer details.  However, I have a feeling I might need to magnetize a few arms here and there to get all the options I want.  Next up is the Standard Bearer.  I can use my custom made cloth banner with him and I hope it turns out looking as good as the rest.

     Here is my HQ for the Dark Angels list so far....

     Thanks for checking out my stuff!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

White Scars Apothecary Finished

White Scars Apothecary

     So after months of not painting, I finally got back into it.  Here is my completed Apothecary.  It will be fielded using the Dark Angels rules, hence the Plasma Talons mounted to the bike.  I had a blast painting this guy.  Being a veteran, he had way more red on him than the average biker.  This let me get some practice in with shading using the crimson wash.  It is actually pretty easy to get to the level I did, since I didn't bother with any oranges for hi-lights.  The red sawtooth pattern on the fairing and his left greave was something I'd been wanting to do for a while, but I wanted to save it for the Veteran and Command models.  

     I was finally able to make use of a bunch of bike bits I had from the old scout bikers.  There is the bolter mounted to the side of the front wheel, complete with a shovel and some shotgun shell looking things.  On the back is a piece from a random set of ATVs that I picked up forever ago.  (I made one of them into a scout biker sergeant, but I didn't like the overall look.)  The piece looks like a teleport homer and has that cool camo netting rolled up.  One day, I will own the proper colors needed to paint everything, but that will do for now.  I'm currently also working on converting a Librarian and a Techmarine for my White Scars, and both are nearly ready for the painting table.  They, however, will have to wait in line behind the rest of Sammael's command Squad.  I'm looking into having one or both painted by either of my gamer friends who are far more talented than I am.  I'll be sure to get some pics up ASAP.  Let me know what you think!

Sunday, August 18, 2013


     I have recently become addicted to Dropzone Commander. If you haven't heard about it, check it out on their website at

     They have just announced a new product. There is a two player starter set coming out at the end of September. The set includes two full armies, the full size rule book, and some cool 3D buildings with a map to put them on. All this is cheaper than I paid for my original one army. Check out this product at

     Speaking of my army,  I have it assembled and finally got in a game.  Here are some pics. 

     This is the Post Human Republic. They are essentially part androids who have superior technology over the standard humans, but much smaller numbers. 

     Here are my Phobos anti-air walkers with their dropship. They are needed to shoot down enemy flyers and dropships. 

     These are the Ares anti-tank walkers. They have a high strength railgun to take out armor.

     Next is two squads of Immortals with their Juno APCs. Theses guys are necessary for going into buildings and searching for objectives. The soldiers embark in the Juno, which is then carried by the Neptune dropship. 

     Last is a squad of Sirens. These all female infantry are truly badass in close quarters battles inside buildings. They have a A2 type Juno with anti-infantry guns. 

     I'm excited about the new starter set, as I will buy it so I can get more people a chance to try out the game. I know it won't be long before everybody is as hooked as I am!

Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Back

     After a long vacation from this blog, I'm finally back into putting up posts.  Kind of a crappy excuse for why, but our house got robbed.  They took my laptop, among other items, and I haven't been motivated to write since.  But since I just got an offer for a new job, I'm feeling more like myself again.  SO, WHAT TO POST??????

     I know, I finished my main HQ.  Sammael of the Ravenwing, or as he's know in my White Scars army, Samm'E Khan!!!!  aka Sammy Hagar, aka Sammy Davis Jr., aka your worst nightmare......

Samm'E Khan

     So to build the conversion, I started with the Sammael model in Finecast.  And yes, it sucked.  None of the parts fit together and they all had to be run under hot water and then held together as they cooled.  I am glad, however, that the thing weighs less than 15 pound like the metal model.  That thing could break a flight stand just by breathing on it.

     The next step was the conversion work.  First, I removed the head, which felt kind of heretical.....  Then, I had to cut out the left shoulder pad to make way for the White Scars one.  This was somewhat difficult due to half of it being "underneath" the cape.  I didn't want to have to completely hack off the arm to do it, so there was some skill (read: blood) involved.  Then, I did a simple removal of the eagle head on the front of the bike to make room for the lightning bolt, which was cut from a piece of plastic stock.  The bolt mounted nearly flush with the front of the bike with a little trimming, and I put the head back on to resemble, somewhat, that the eagle was coming thru the bolt.  It ended up cheesier than I had hoped, but it is the good kind of cheese.  Like how everything in 40k is exaggerated.  I then had to remove a few small Dark Angels symbols from the model, but that was easy due to their small size and being raised instead of recessed.

     To add to the White Scars/Mongolian feel, I obtained some bits from the Fantasy Chaos Marauder Horsemen box set.  The heads on about 4 or 5 of these guys scream Mongolian.  From the Fu mustache to the single braid coming from a shaved head.  I got my buddy Brandon to paint the face, as that is clearly a weakness in my painting and I wanted my centerpiece to stand out.  There was some green stuff required to prop his head high enough for the mustache and braid to clear the armor.  I also inserted on of the metal White Scars shoulder pads on the left arm and two round shields that come with the White Scars Bikers on either side of the bike.  I didn't like the feel of the giant book on the top in front of the handle bars, so I scrapped it for use on my Librarian Bike (soon to come) and replaced it with a standard stowage that comes with the DA attack bike.  Finally, I hacked the sword off just above the pommel and added one of the White Scars blades to complete the feel.

     Painting was not too hard, and I didn't try anything fancy.  I spent the most time on the cape, as I can do the look I want, but it takes forever.  I was sketchy on doing the gold thing, but now that it's finished I feel that it is the appropriate level of gaudiness that a Captain should have.  I am not at all happy with the way the sword turned out, so I'll be redoing it when I get a chance.  It's possible it just needs white in it to separate the green from the black, but I don't know.

     So I finally have ONE MODEL in my bike army painted to the standard I'm looking for.  I have been working on my command squad 10-15 minutes here and there in between job searching, apartment searching, and going crazy from living with my in-laws.  Now that we found a place I should have plenty of time and far fewer excuses.  I hope to be able to show off the command squad with thier fancy Plasma Talons and Corvus Hammers soon.  Tell me what you think, why don't ya.....