Sunday, January 5, 2014

White Scars Standard Bearer Painted

     I got the standard bearer for my Bike Army finished!!!   Essentially the same procedure for converting this guy as I did for the Champion.  I didn't like the banner that comes with the Command Squad box because it looks too static.  It's made to hang straight down, and this guy is driving too fast for that.  So what I did was to take a piece of the brass rod from my pinning set and cut is to length for the cross bar that the flag hangs from.  Then I added glued it in place, and added a HUGE drop of glue where they meet so it would hold as long as possible without breaking off.  I have a better ideas for the actual banner to come.  After that, it was the standard paint job.  Here are the other pics I took.

     I have a sheet of Banners that are printed on canvas.  I'm going to experiment with gluing them in a dynamic pose and then get one on the bike.

     Thanks for checking it out.  The other two dudes are coming along nicely and should be up soon.  My work is shut down for the 3rd shift starting at midnight.  If they call off everyone tomorrow, I'm gonna get them BOTH painted!!!


  1. Nicely Done. Your lines are always nice sharp and straight. my hand is never that good. Keep up the good work.

  2. I have been using a .05 mechanical pencil to make the shapes first. Then I filled in with the red paint. Last, I used a very fine tipped permanent marker to outline them. It always looks worse in these pics than it does in person. At arms length on the table, I think it is as good as I need.