Sunday, December 8, 2013

White Scars Apothecary Finished

White Scars Apothecary

     So after months of not painting, I finally got back into it.  Here is my completed Apothecary.  It will be fielded using the Dark Angels rules, hence the Plasma Talons mounted to the bike.  I had a blast painting this guy.  Being a veteran, he had way more red on him than the average biker.  This let me get some practice in with shading using the crimson wash.  It is actually pretty easy to get to the level I did, since I didn't bother with any oranges for hi-lights.  The red sawtooth pattern on the fairing and his left greave was something I'd been wanting to do for a while, but I wanted to save it for the Veteran and Command models.  

     I was finally able to make use of a bunch of bike bits I had from the old scout bikers.  There is the bolter mounted to the side of the front wheel, complete with a shovel and some shotgun shell looking things.  On the back is a piece from a random set of ATVs that I picked up forever ago.  (I made one of them into a scout biker sergeant, but I didn't like the overall look.)  The piece looks like a teleport homer and has that cool camo netting rolled up.  One day, I will own the proper colors needed to paint everything, but that will do for now.  I'm currently also working on converting a Librarian and a Techmarine for my White Scars, and both are nearly ready for the painting table.  They, however, will have to wait in line behind the rest of Sammael's command Squad.  I'm looking into having one or both painted by either of my gamer friends who are far more talented than I am.  I'll be sure to get some pics up ASAP.  Let me know what you think!

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  1. Looks Great Stewie. you are the master of painting white. I am shocked you are still going to use the dark angels codex. I guess that banner is just too awesome. Keep up the good work.