Sunday, August 18, 2013


     I have recently become addicted to Dropzone Commander. If you haven't heard about it, check it out on their website at

     They have just announced a new product. There is a two player starter set coming out at the end of September. The set includes two full armies, the full size rule book, and some cool 3D buildings with a map to put them on. All this is cheaper than I paid for my original one army. Check out this product at

     Speaking of my army,  I have it assembled and finally got in a game.  Here are some pics. 

     This is the Post Human Republic. They are essentially part androids who have superior technology over the standard humans, but much smaller numbers. 

     Here are my Phobos anti-air walkers with their dropship. They are needed to shoot down enemy flyers and dropships. 

     These are the Ares anti-tank walkers. They have a high strength railgun to take out armor.

     Next is two squads of Immortals with their Juno APCs. Theses guys are necessary for going into buildings and searching for objectives. The soldiers embark in the Juno, which is then carried by the Neptune dropship. 

     Last is a squad of Sirens. These all female infantry are truly badass in close quarters battles inside buildings. They have a A2 type Juno with anti-infantry guns. 

     I'm excited about the new starter set, as I will buy it so I can get more people a chance to try out the game. I know it won't be long before everybody is as hooked as I am!

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  1. Good luck on getting people hooked. It looks cool and sounds fun.