Sunday, February 24, 2013

1500pt "Friendly" list vs. Tyranids

     This Saturday, I played my friend Andy and his 1500 point list for the upcoming Adepticon Friendly tournament.  He was wanting to try out his list to get used to how it plays.  I didn't make a specific list for this game, I just took 500 points out of my 2000pt list.  So I didn't exactly have a list that I'd call friendly.  Here is what I ran:

Sammael: Corvex (jetbike)
RW Command Squad: Apothecary, Champion, Standard of Devastation, 

Troops:  RWAS=Ravenwing Attack Squadron x6
RWAS: Melta Gun x2, Landspeeder Typhoon w/ HB
RWAS: Melta Gun x2, Landspeeder Typhoon w/ HB
RWAS: Plasma Gun x2, Combi-Plasma
RWAS: Plasma Gun x2

Black Knights: Power Weapon

There is definitely something else I took out to get down to 1500, but I don't remember what.
Here is what he ran, as far as I can remember:

Parasite of Mortrex

Genestealers x20: Broodlord w/ Biomancy (Iron Arm)
Tervigon: Toxin Sacs, Catalyst
Devilgaunts x12: Termagants w/ Devourers, Spore Pod

Gargoyles x20:
Raveners x5: Rending Claws, Devourers
Raveners x5: Rending Claws, Devourers

Zoanthrope x2:

We rolled Big Guns mission with diagonal deployment. There are 4 objectives: one in the chaos shrine, 2 in the large area terrain ruins, and the last in the rounded little ruin directly to the right of my big blob.  He won the roll-off and decided to go first. He deployed both Raveners and the Gargoyles w/ Parasite in the front.  The  Tervigon went just behind with the Zoanthropes and Venomthrope nearby. Genestealers took the left side. 
     My deployment revolved around keeping all of my units within 6" of the Banner.  I decided not to split them up into combat squads to help with this.  The Landspeeders deployed behind the big blob and my Black Knights went on the left flank, as they do not benefit from the banner.

     For my scout move, I simply moved every RWAS unit forward about an inch or two.  This was just in case I could Seize the Initiative, I would have all my units within 24".  The Black Knights went a full 12" down the length length of the long edge.  I was hoping to get around the Genestealers to flank the Tervigon, or at least distract them.  Here is the board at the beginning of the game:

     Top of turn 1:  Andy moved both Raveners, the Gargoyles, and the genestealers forward as fast as they could go.  The Tervigon made 9-10 babies, who moved out for the objective on the Chaos shrine.  The center Raveners went straight at my Black Knights.  I knew this would hurt, as they were only about 6" away.  They then shot but I made all my saves.  The other Raveners, Gargoyles, and both Zoanthropes shot at the main blob, killing one or two bikers, including my combi-plasma sergeant.  When the Raveners declared a charge at my Black Knights, they hit 3 times on Overwatch (gotta love twin-linked plasma) and killed 1 model.  This put his nearest model 8 inches away and he rolled 7" for the charge!  Unforunately, he reminded me that they are fleet and get to re-roll that 2.  He made the charge, hit and wounded with a bunch, but only got one rending!  I made all but 1 save, losing 2 bikers total.  I did 2 wounds back and did a Hit n' Run outta there.....

     Bottom of 1:  Let me begin by saying again, "This is NOT a friendly list!!!"  I didn't move anything.  One landspeeder took out 2 of the 4 remaining Raveners with insta-kill missles, then the Black Knights hit them with plasma, leaving 1 model w/ 1 wound, who would run away.  Then, all 4 RWAS squads opened up with their Salvo 2/4 weapons.  I took out about 13 Gargoyles, 10 Genestealers w/ Broodlord, and a couple of Raveners from the right.  I LOVE THE STANDARD OF DEVASTATION!!!  Then, the other Landspeeder finished the Raveners off.  Nothing was in charge range, next turn....

     Top of 2:  His Devilgaunts arrive and plop down immediately in front of my blob.  Suicide, but useful if he wants to get the rest of his units into combat.  Mama Tervigon spit out 15 babies (with no doubles again!) who promptly move out toward the Chaos shrine objective.  Genestealers moved up to the ruins for some cover.  The rest of the Gargoyle with the Parasite moved forward into charge range and got a couple of shots off.  Both Zoanthropes tried to hit the command squad; one dead-on and the other scattered into another squad.  That was by far his most effective shooting all day.  Overall, I lost a few guys from a few squads.  Then the Gargoyles and Devilgaunts charged, I actually lost combat to the Parasite and Gargoyles, but nothing too exciting.  I passed both Hit n Run tests, ready for payback!!!

     Bottom of 2:  My Black Knights moved around the ruins, eyeing the Tervigon.  My 2 remaining Bikes on the right moved past the Gargoyles trying to get to the nearest zoanthrope.  A plasma squad on the left moved over to get some shots off at the Tervigon as well.  Shooting saw some more dead Gargoyles, and Devilgaunts got shot up with no cover as well.  I believe this was the turn that the Genestealers got wiped, but it maybe was turn 3?  Five plasma shots saw the Tervigon lose 2 wounds.  The advancing bike squad took a wound from the Zoanthrope and then the rearmost bike squad took it out, leaving the advancing squad no one to charge, this might hurt....  I charged the Parasite and Gargoyles with the command squad, losing my champion but ultimately wiping them out.  The 2 remaining Devilgaunts got killed in combat as well. 

     Top of 3:  Andy's army had lost well over half its original models, but he kept pumping out those babies!!!  I think he got 9 or 10 more, with no doubles again.  That baby mama has GOT to go.  Not to mention, she regenerated on of the missing wounds.  The unit of 15 Termagants born last turn moved in on my advancing 2 bikers and the Tervigon ran for the objective in the cover of the ruins.  His remaining Zoanthrope Killed another bike or two.  The Devilgaunts cut my advancing bikers squad in half, and charged in.  With 30 attacks, they only managed a couple of wounds, which were all saved!  I couldn't help but feel bad for Andy at this point, the dice were not on his side.  I made my Hit n Run, and moved past them toward the Chaos shrine objective. 

     Bottom of 3:  I moved more plasma bikes toward the Tervigon.  Shot it and did a couple more wounds.  The Landspeeders both shot the Tervigon, but were rolling snake-eyes like crazy!  Killed a gaunt on the shrine and charged, but tied combat.  Command squad shot at the Zoanthrope, but couldn't manage a wound.  He held steady this turn.

     Top of 4:  MORE BABIES and still no doubles AND it regenerated another wound.  That thing is dying if it takes my whole army.  Devilgaunts shot up some more bikes trying to claim the objective.  The Zoanthrope killed half the plasma squad that just shot the Tervigon.  The Tervigon shot at the Black Knights, killing the Sergeant then charging them and taking them out.  I tied combat with the gaunts, but FAILED my Hit n Run test, yuck!

     Bottom of 4:  Finally remembering what the Ravenwing Grenade Launcher does, I moved the command squad at the Tervigon.  The full melta squad got within 12" of it, too.  I hit the Tervigon with the Rad Grenade, dropping its toughness by 1.  Then I let fly with Missles, Heavy Bolters and Melta, Killing the Tervigon.  When I looked up, Andy was holding out his hand and saying "Good Game."  That Tervigon was holding everything together, so with it gone, I would not have a problem mopping up gaunts with massed bolter fire.  I think Andy did awesome, given it was his friendly list and my list was definitely the Rock to his Scissors. 

     Summary:  Overall, I think this matchup was not really balanced.  My list had an answer to all his weapons, whether it be a Jink save against the Zoanthropes or the Standard of Devastation to his Armour 5 or worse horde.  I do feel I have been learning more about the movement of a bike army, how to get close enough to do some damage while staying out of their range (AFTER moving my Black Knights too close on the scout move, of course.)  I like this list, but I still am looking for that perfect balance of Bikes-to-Speeders-to-Attack Bikes.  I am going to stick with the Command Squad until everyone figures out it is priority #1.  I'm just glad that I finally have a codex that makes bikes playable and fun, and now winnable....

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  1. It was a good game anyway. A flyrant or the doom might have helped
    out but probably not yoy have so much that I can't answer. An army of T5 3+ 4++ guys is a little much for my little guys