Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Larger Ravenwing Command Squad? Why, Yes I Will!!!

     I was reading through the new FAQs that were recently posted on GW's website.  In the Dark Angels one, they have added the option for adding up to 2 more bikers to the Ravenwing Command Squad.  This is a very good bit of news.  First, I had been taking a Librarian just to increase the number of wounds that my command squad could lose before getting rid of the Standard of Devastation.  Second, with a 5-man unit of Knights escorting my Eternal Warrior, AP2 wielding HQ, I do believe that I will finally have another close combat unit. 

     Now, for 40 points each, they are a bit expensive to be using simply as extra wounds.  But, these guys come with twin-linked plasma guns and +1S, Rending close-combat weapons to go with their 2 attacks.  This unit can charge and has 6 Hammer of Wrath auto-hits at I10, then Sammy's 5 AP2 attacks at I5, followed with 19 S5 Rending attacks.  I think I like it...

     Now the question is, do I still use a Librarian?  He is incredible when I roll Invisibility for his Psychic Power.  I love Bikes with a 2+ cover save.  I don't know if I have the points to spare, unless I want to shrink my model count by even more.  I guess I need to start on a new list!  CAN'T WAIT!!!

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  1. If you're going to maintain the salvo banner list (which I think you should) I would drop the Libby. While he does prove useful with the correct powers, I think over all having the guarantee of more bikers, with more shots out-weighs the trade off.

    If you are going to still run him, I think divination is the way to go all the way.
    Perfect Timing, Misfortune or Prescience would be game changing.