Wednesday, March 6, 2013

500 point X-wing Battle!!!!!

     Last night I got together with my friend Cupid and we combined all of our X-wing miniatures for the BIGGEST battle of all time!!!!  Big for us anyway, 250 points per side.  We each had a teammate to help us: Bill and I were the Rebel Scum while he and Brian played the Imperials. 

     Now, the lists:


Tie Fighter: Academy Pilot
Tie Fighter: Academy Pilot
Tie Fighter: Black Squadron, Expose
Tie Fighter: Backstabber
Tie Fighter: Howlrunner, Swarm Tactics
Tie Fighter: Dark Curse
Tie Fighter: Mauler Mithel
Tie Advanced: Tempest Squadron, Concussion Missles
Tie Advanced: Darth Vader, Expert Handling
Tie Interceptor: Soontir Fel, Daredevil
Firespray: Boba Fett, Heavy Laser Cannon, Assault Missles


X-wing: Wedge Antilles, R5-K6
X-wing: Luke Skywalker, shiled upgrade
X-wing: Biggs Darklighter, R2-D2
X-wing:Garven Dreis
Y-wing: Dutch Vander, Ion Cannon
Y-wing: Horton Salm, Proton Torpedos
A-wing: Arvel Crynyd, Stealth Device
YT-1300: Han Solo, Millenium Falcon, Cluster Missles, Chewy

     This battle was too big to remember everthing that happened, but let's just say we stomped them.  My teammate Bill was rolling like a boss, getting at least 3 kills with 3 or more hits.  One time he even got 3 criticals!  We ended the game once it got late enough, and the rebels had not even lost a ship.  Biggs kept drawing their fire and regenerating shields with R2.  Han used the cluster missles to take out a Tie from max range in one turn. 

End of turn 2

End of turn 2

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  1. Rad as fuck man. Makes me want to play again. I need to get a Falcon.