Friday, March 15, 2013

What Chaos Space Marines?......

      This Thursday night, I faced a Chaos Space Marine Army. We played the Crusade Mission with 5 objectives, and Hammer and Anvil deployment.

The Fritos are a proxy for a Landraider.....
Librarian: Lvl 2 Mastery, SM Bike, Power Field Generator
Command Squad: Apothecary, Champion, Standard of Devastation, RW Grenade Launcher

RWAS x6: Melta x2, Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta, Melta Bombs
RWAS x6: Melta x2, Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta, Melta Bombs
RWAS x6: Plasma x2, Landspeeder Typhoon, Melta Bombs
RWAS x6: Plasma x2, Landspeeder Typhoon, Melta Bombs
RWAS x6: Plasma x2, Combi-plasma

White Knights x6: Melta Bombs

Chaos Space Marines:
Kharn the Betrayer
Chaos Lord: Jump Pack
Cultists x10: Heavy Stubber
Cultists x10: Heavy Stubber
Night Lords x10: Plasma Gun, LasCannon
Night Lords x10: Plasma Gun, LasCannon
Night Lords x10: Plasma Gun, LasCannon
Khorne Berzerkers x10:
Havocs x5: 3x Heavy Bolters, Missle Launcher
Raptors x10: Melta Gun x2
Raptors x5: Melta Gun x2
Hellbrute: Plasma Cannon
Hellbrute: Plasma Cannon
Predator: T.L. LasCannon, Heavy Bolters

     I won the roll-off to go first.  I set up as I always do; Command Squad in the center with each Bike Squad within 6" of the Standard of Devastation.  My White Knights, Speeders, and Attack Bikes took the right flank, or more acurately, the right side.  Short table edges don't really work too well for any kind of flanking maneuvers.  He infiltrated one unit of Night Lords into the trees behind the shrine due to his warlord trait.  I used my scout move to put every  Bike Squad within 24" of the infiltrated unit.  Then he managed to Seize the Initiative. 

Top of 1:

Start of the game.
     Night fighting was in effect so his shooting was almost useless.  My jink saves, combined with the stealth and shrouded bonuses, were giving me all the saves I needed.  I made all my 3+ saves on the regular bikes, but failed one from a Plasma Cannon on a 2+!!!  One bike down, 39 to go....

Bottom of turn 1.
Bottom of 2:
     Well, that certainly could have gone worse.  I was making saves like a boss.  My movement in turn one saw me moving the Bike blob up to get some more of his units within 24".  I wanted to be sure to finish off the unit that infiltrated, and then have some shots left over to work on those Cultists.  I was concerned with the threat range of both of his Raptor squads, so I made sure to stay well back from them.  I also used my Attack bikes to screen the unit of White Knights, who deployed in cover to force a difficult terrain roll if they did try to charge.  Shooting saw the infiltrators, and the front row of Cultists wiped out.  I got 4 more from the second unit of Cultists and 3 Berzerkers, too.  My Librarian rolled box cars and lost a wound.  The Hellbrute on my right made all his saves from the Landspeeders. 

End of turn 1.
Top of 2:
Top of turn 2.
     In his movement phase, he pushed his Cultists, Raptors, Berzerkers, and Night Lords all forward at full speed.  Shooting was again ineffective, managing 2 more dead bikes and a wounded attack bike.  A generous 12" move from the raptors saw them able to assault the Attack bike.  They did 3 wounds, but I saved them all and performed a Hit & Run toward his Predator while the Raptors consolidated 1" into the woods.  3 down, 37 to go.

Middle of turn 2.

End of 2.
Bottom of 2:
    My movement consisted of moving the Attack Bikes and Landspeeders full speed toward the Predator and Hellbrute.  The White Knights moved up into rapid fire range of the Berzerkers.  Everyone else simply moved about a half inch forward to get their Jink saves.  The Attack Bikes and Landspeeders only managed to immobilize the Hellbrute.  The White Knights unloaded on the Berzerkers, killing them all, but Kharn made his invuln save.  The Librarian 'Mind Shackled' a Night Lord and made him take out a Cultist.  More shooting took out the last of the Cultists and half of the nearest Night Lords.  I almost forgot to fire on the Raptors, and had to finish them with bikes from my left side.  My small squad finished them off.  I forgot to charge with the White Knights, but it was probably for the best.

Top of 3:
     He moved up his large Raptor squad and Kharn made his way toward my lines.  More shooting was directed at my Command Squad, but I was making saves I shouldn't have been.  The only damage came from the assault of the Raptors and Kharn on my White Knights.  Kharn wiped them out at I5 before anyone else could even blink....  7 down, 33 to go.

Bottom of 3:
     My movement was again just enough to get a Jink save.  I poured everything into the Raptors and Kharn, killing them all.  My Attack Bikes finally quit shooting trees and hit the damn Hellbrute, getting another imobilized result, which took an additional hull point and killed it.  Then I managed to blow a Heavy Bolter off the Predator. 

Top of 4:
     He started moving his remaining Hellbrute towards me with the remainder of a Night Lords squad.  This turn I lost quite a few bikes to his shooting and he got started to break down the Command squad.  I think I lost about 8 or 9 bikes in this round, including the Champion, Apothecary and Librarian. 
Middle of 4.

Bottom of 4:
     That certainly didn't feel good, I need to finish him off ASAP.  I moved up the melta squad in front of the Hellbrute and everyone else came forward to get into range of the nearest Night Lords.  I took out some Night Lords with the Landspeeders and blew up the Predator with the Attack Biks.  Melta blew up the Hellbrute and bolters finished the night lords in my face.  Plasma took down some more Night Lords.  So close....

Top of 5.
Top of 5:
       He finally finished off the Standard Bearer, but too late.  Still going strong...

Bottom of 5:
     Moping up everything I can, and he concedes with just a few models left. 

     I'm glad he had no Helldrakes.  I need to mod this list to be able to handle those guys.  We'll have to see. 

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