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!!White Scars kill 99.99% of Germs!!

     Last night was the start of our campaign league at Fantasy Games.  My first game was against Dan, playing an all-Nurgle Daemon army.  I'm currently unfamiliar with the new codex, so I don't know exactly what his list was.  Here's my best guess:

Nurgle, please...
Big Fat Decaying HQ Guy: gross stuff, some psychic thing
Flying Daemon Prince type guy:
Flying Daemon Prince type guy:
Flying Daemon Prince type guy:
9x Nurglings w/ Herald
9x Nurglings w/ Kumar
10x Plaguebearers
10x Plaguebearers
10x Plaguebearers


   I need to get some pics of his HQ and Daemon Prince guys.  His army was painted up awesome-ly.  I really liked all his little conversions and I want to get a pic of the flying prince that has the rotor things from the Plague Drone instead of wings.  My list was the same as usual.  I'm keeping with it until I figure out what needs to change.  I can tell already, I'm gonna need something to help with those single- and dual-Helldrake lists.

Sammael: Corvex (jetbike)
Librarian: SM Bike, Level 2 Psycher, Power Field Generator
RW Command Squad: Apothecary, Champion, Standard of Devastation,

Troops: RWAS=Ravenwing Attack Squadron x6
RWAS: Melta Gun x2, Attack Bike w/ MM
RWAS: Melta Gun x2, Attack Bike w/ MM
RWAS: Plasma Gun x2, Landspeeder Typhoon w/ HB
RWAS: Plasma Gun x2, Landspeeder Typhoon w/ HB
RWAS: Combi-Plasma, Plasma Gun x2, Attack Bike w/ MM

Black Knights: Power Weapon

"WHITE Knights"
     We played the "Big Guns Never Tire" mission (5 objectives) with Dawn of War deployment.  I'm a fan of this deployment as it allows me the most space and a flexible setup.  He won the roll-off and set up first.  Keeping as much in reserves as he could, he deployed all 3 Daemon Princes and the HQ guy, putting them in or behind cover so they could take advantage of their "Shrouded" rule.  The HQ and one guy were in the center (seen on the far left, below).  He deployed a unit of Plaguebearers on the right in some trees with the other 2 princes next to them (near where you see the tape measure, below).  My deployment was predictable.  With no template or blast weapons to worry about, I put the command squad in the middle of my bike blob, centered between his 2 groups of guys.  Every RWAS was within 6" of the Standard of Devastation for maximum Salvo goodness.  My Landspeeders took up the rear and the Black Knights (I'm gonna call them White Knights from now on, just look at em!) deployed on the right flank.  I used my scout move to get the main blob forward a couple of inches and the WHITE Knights moved down his flank.  I lost one biker to a failed dangerous terrain test before the game even started!

Top of 1:
    The game started off bad for him, and just got worse from there.  I seized the initiative, which is just too good.  I rolled Invisibility for a psychic power and cast it on my command squad.  GO 2+ COVER SAVE!!!!  My first goal was to get his nearest prince to take a grounded test.  The first squad managed to score 3 snap shots, but he passed the grounding.  The next squad managed 7 snap shots; grounding him and doing a couple of wounds.  Then the White Knights plasma'd him up for a couple more wounds.  Another squad took him out with bolter fire.  So I tried the same thing on the other prince on the right.  Esentially got the same thing to happen and had him missing 2 big guys at the end of the turn.  I tried to do the same to the last prince, but I had run out of guns.  I have no assault moves.

Middle of turn 1.
Bottom of 1:

     He didn't have a lot to do.  The Plaguebearers moved toward the White Knights while the last prince flew at me full speed, intent on revenge.  The HQ moved onto the hill for some of that area terrain cover.  My first experience with the warpstorm table was a result of 11.  This caused my Librarian to take a leadership test on 3d6, which he failed.  This turned him into a Herald of Nurgle, crap!  The plague bearers attempted to charge the White Knights, but I rolled 5 snap shots and killed 4 guys.  They were then out of the charge range.  The Prince declared a charge at the combi-plasma squad in front.  I lost both of my plasma gunners to "gets hot" rolls.  He was still in charge range by about a millimeter.  He hit me 3 times but rolled all ones so no damage was done.  They used Hit & Run to get out while the prince consolidated into the trees. 
End of Turn 1: 

Top of 2:
     I use my moves to get everone within 24" of both the Plaguebearers and the Prince.  Shooting makes short work of the Prince who made enough saves to require more of my attention than I wanted to give him.  My old Librarian, now in Nurgle form, didn't last long.  The Plaguebearers took some plasma and bolt shells to the face, and then got assaulted by the guys who know how, finishing them off.  I tried to finish off the HQ and end the game, but all of my Multi-meltas rolled 1's to-hit and the T7 was too much for the few remaining bolter shots.  I think I only managed one wound. 

Middle of turn 2.
Bottom of 2:
     He got all of his reserves except for the one unit of Nurglings he wanted.  See below for how he chose to have them deepstrike.  The HQ casted Enfeeble on one of my attack bikes and failed his psychic test for another power. There was very little he could do. No units had shooting attacks and Nurgle daemons are slow and purposeful so they can't run. His turn was done.
End of turn 2.

Top of 3:
     My turn consisted of moving the command squad up into the woods near the Nurglings.  They got within 12" to make use of the Ravenwing Grenade Launcher.  Again, the rest of the full bike squads got within 6" of the Standard.  The White Knights backed up to be 9" from the nearest Plaguebearers for the double tap.  The small squad moved in front of them for a screen.  I used the Rad Grenade coming from the command squad and got a hit, reducing the Nurglings to T2.  Sammael hit dead on with his plasma cannon, too.  With the Nurglings at T2, they were being insta-killed by bolter fire.  Notice the complete lack of Nurglings at the end of the turn....  I also took down the HQ and did some damage to two of the plaguebearers squads.  I managed to get one attack bike into range to charge some Nurglings, trying to tie up the unit.  I killed off one, but they have those poisoned attacks, so the attack bike was killed and the Plaguebearers consolidated closer to me instead.
Middle of turn 3.
Bottom of 3:
     His last unit came in from reserve.  He rolled a 9 on the Warpstorm table which causes a S8 blast hit on an enemy unit on the roll of a 6.  He got four 6's out of 12 units, NICE!  The first shot scattered into his Plaguebearers, killing one.  I lost 2 or 3 bikes from it all.  Thank god for my 5+ Jink save.  His small unit of Plaguebearers charged my screening unit, but got wiped out by the bikers.  Another unit charged the Bikes in front of my command squad.  I think we actually tied that combat, and my guys failed their Hit & Run roll.

Bottom of turn 3.
Top of 4:
     I moved everyone toward his remaining units.  The Nurglings got hit with the Rad Grenade again and they were shot to death by the White Knights.  The full squad of Plaguebearers was shot up and charged, getting wiped out.  We finished off the combat from the previous turn, and he was left with one Plaguebearer.  He conceded to me at this point.

Middle of turn 4 and End of the game.
     I have to say that that Standard of Devastation is just incredible when used correctly.  At the start of the game I was fearing all those big guys, but the tons of re-rollable shots helped me ground them and then helped pile on the wounds.  I will say for sure that he had some horrible luck, starting with me Seizing and his triple 1's on his Daemon Prince's charge.  I, on the other hand, was rolling great.  I had 2 times that I fired with a full squad of bikers and didn't miss a shot out of 24.  Honestly, I lost more models to my own Gets Hot, failed Dangerous Terrain tests, and random Warpstorm results then I did from his attacks.  I still need to figure out how to deal with certain builds with this list, but I have some ideas involving twin-linked shots up the Wazoo.  I just hope he had some fun, too!!!

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